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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Date:June 16, 2006
Subject:Ebay and Freewebs
Time & Place:Wisconsin / 3:22 PM

Freewebs - Myohelp
Okay I changed the theme of my MyO help from Haru & Rin with pinkyness to Utada Easy Breezy Black and red theme so I hope ya all like that! Hmm.. Yea I’m about 3/4ths done with the helpsite. Where I only ˝ way done with the Fruits Basket Shrine. So I guess Shrines are very hard/harder. Any here is a preview link to my help site. Hirokou's MyO HelpRemember things may change!! And please tell me what change change with it needs changes! ^^ Yea, Yea, Yea, I hope ‘Ya All’ like it! ^^/

Ebay and my Ultra Blue (me buying)
Any I bet you all know I want very much Ultra Blue by Utada Hikaru. Well any ways I’m buying it on Ebay! (hows the Oh so scary en~crazied J-Fan Happy Dance. Many 2 little very cute blond 10 year old girls were scaried and a old lady was Pissed off. ~Hirokou gets owned my Grandmother and wakes up with hospital but is happy because has Oribit gum and Ultra Blue. XD~
Images of the Ultra Blue CD
The CD it’s selfFront CoverThe Backcover^^  So beautiful!
The Kanji of the DaynakaMeanings:Inside, Middle, Center, throughout
Sound:Naka, Juu, Chu, ju
Used in Japanese Surnames:Nakashima, Nakajima, Nakayama, Nakagawa, Nakaishi, Nakamori, Nakamura, Nakasaki

Sayonara MyOtakuians!


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