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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Place & Time: Wisconsin / 3:15 PM
Date: June 22, 2006
Tilte: Life/the new theme/MyO help Site
Mood: HYPER & Fruits Baskety

Aatsu, Watashi wa iki teiru mina! (Oh, Ifm still alive everyone!) Hi Every One! Ifm about done with this new theme for July! As you may see the post and the profile are at the same thing. Yes for some reason with the DIV codes on the MyO the Updates were moving a little away from the Profile.. So I fixed that. Other things to talk aboutc Well Ifm making a MyO help site and Ifm half way done with that. Also I went to work on Monday at McDs and there were very little people. I hate when its like that! It was somewhat borning. Yea that is what my life is like. Oh I donft know who will be the friend of the month for July but Ifm still thinking about it. Oh, Guess what I was on youtube and I saw a some evil yet somewhat funy AMV here is the link:Relena Bitch. Well Itfs somewhat evil somewhat funny but mosty random!
Kanji of Day
Ai-Love means: love, deep affection, compassion
Sound: Ai (i)
Used in Japanese Names:
Aai, Ai, Aimi, Aimiko, Aiko, Aina, and Aika

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