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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Place & Time: Wisconsin / 2:36 PM
Mood: happy

H I T O R I NC N A K A S H I M A M I K A (Video)

Well, I changed my theme again. I had some problems with the comment Box but it is now all fixed! Hmm well the news was somewhat borning today and out side it was raining so I dicied to go in side and work on tis theme so that is why this is a new theme other that the theme at I had before was not very good.
Note: I guess that I better keep this one on for some time because Im getting pissed off at myself for not very good graphics. And because of that Igo a little crazy so I think it would be good for me if I just keep it this theme for some time.
INFO: Well its the same Kanji of the day as last time because few people looked at my site. The friend of the month of June (this month) is NightShade2. I cuurently have 144 guestbooks on Hiroko kun and Im some what happy!

Kanji of Day
means:Reason; Cause
Sounds:Yu,Yuu,Yui,Yo, and Yoshi
Used in Japanese Names:
Yoshi, Yoshiko, Yuumi, Yumi, Yumiko, Yoshi, Yuki, Yuka, Yuta, and Yu, Yui

ʹ OUT!
Later Otakuians


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