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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Place & Time: Wisconsin / 10:03PM

Okay Today I made My first DIV layout so sorry if it looks very bad.... Hmm.. Well I'm sleepy. So i think I will be goning to bed now... Hmm... Sleepy!!!!!1
Any way I hope you like the theme!
Oh, every one go to the intro and do the link MYO HELP there are some coool codes that you can all have Oh, and NightShade2 your my friend of the month. See in the Statistics area and it will show ya there. I will do that every month now I think....
Hmmc well I have to go to a party today and I will work tomorrow but otherwise it is a benging of a better layout a a summer that I thing will have many have times
Hmmm... I'm somewhat sleepy oh well!

Hmm.. in the middle of changing theme!!

Kanji of Day
means:Reason; Cause
Sounds:Yu,Yuu,Yui,Yo, and Yoshi
Used in Japanese Names:
Yoshi, Yoshiko, Yuumi, Yumi, Yumiko, Yoshi, Yuki, Yuka, Yuta, and Yu, Yui

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