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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Place & Time: Wisconsin / 10:04
Mood: Happy you could sayc

Yea I changed My theme it and I feel that it looks like better than crap at this time. I feel it looks a alot better than the theme with tohru and the sakura falling. That loooked so so so so bad. I did nolt even tried at all.... Oh well thats what you get when you don't try very hard at all. well today I have to write a big Writing and Grammar type of a essay. It is going to be on the protagoist and antagoist of my story I'm a writing. They are Hasu'tsuki, and Shun Kandu!!!

Well B~Bye! (Does the barie bye to make fun of barie because has no life)

Yes I understand very well I have no life ... ... .. Yea -______-;


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