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Monday, August 13, 2007

hi kaga is the other half of me her personalital is like this.
kaga:yo what i look like i have bunny ears and a cat tail and fox paws and my hair looks like hinata's but longer. and im short tempered and im a nija and i have sister named kagaera annd my mom and dad died my dad is from the uchiha clan and my mom is from the huyga clan so youcan't defret me! and thats my story and bye!
kagaera:hi im kaga's big sister and she gets all the spotlight i hate her! but we live toghther so im like ower mom but she dosn't like to stay home so thats bad and well i know something she hates all the boys that fall for her so i found her wekness mmmaaahhhhhaaaaa! well bye!=^+^=

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