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Friday, October 31, 2008

   Just a lil poetry. :] (cmmt/GB?)
Gone and lost, your soul remains to fade.
Only caught by my innocent light that continues to fight.
I fight for you, because you're in pain. The death contained.

Lonely yet shown, you continue to grow.
That innocent boy that I once knew, now a memory.
Secretly, I miss that boy. He used to be my savior and shoulder to cry on..
but now the tears don't flow.

Hated by the ignored, controlled by the weak.
You gained power, so to speak.
Hating and rating we we're those sent to kill.
The war that rages inside my mind, it left me blind.

I didn't see what was going on until that fateful December day.
You trained me...to feed me to those who were already slain.

Once again, a war begins to take place.
Instead of feeling dense...I feel the same.
Alive and well, 20/10 vision again.
So I thank you, my once-alive, grade F guy.
I thank you for being so sly.

You taught me to fight, you taught me to run,
I picked up quickly...that hidden gun.
I pulled the trigger on your feeble mind,
creating the rage that never fades.
Doesn't it feel like blades?

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