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Friday, February 8, 2008

My friend and i have given up fast-food for the year and its really not that hard, but i just had a dream that we were eating fast food and a las it was too late. . and we ate chicken intestines, lettice and immitation meat. ew.
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

   Me hair!
Welp, i got my hair dyed and it is blue and teal underneath with random beautiful stripes of red>orange>yellow stripes, i loved it. . . until i washed it. . .$170 and 5 hours down the drain in just 3 days. . .my luck. oh, god. . i might cry. . i'm so unorganized that i lost some of my best artwork in my house. . . theres a deep hole of nothing opening inside my chest because of that.
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Friday, January 4, 2008

   You can't make me!
I've got to go back to school in 2 days! i don't want to and you can't make me! Geez X-mas could have been slower. . .
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Well its official, my layout on my site hates me and i can't do anything about it. Backgrounds won't load no matter what i do, sheesh.
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Sunday, December 9, 2007

My very long BAND dream. . .
it started out somehow we became a kinda small time band, but people still knew about us, we were like mcr, i think it was because of our clothes. There was me as the singer(???) you as the back up singer/guitar player candyce and some people i don't know, they were supposed to be cousins some how. Anyway we were touring in this small town were the only non rundown thing was a mini mall (description time: it was round w/ shops all around the outside wall on two floors and the only way to get to the top was 2 escalators)So we walk in the building and there was the mayor of the town waiting to great us at the top, hes old, fat and in command. So we walk up the escalator w/ our instruments to meet him and he's all, "Oh, yes. My town is so fortunate to have you come here. We feel so honored." We're all standing there giving each other looks like 'ok, weirdo. we just want some money' Then he says, "Because we can't pay in cash you can have anything you want from here." His arms spead out directing us to all the open shops. All of our eyes are twinkling because the mall had nice stuff. We walk down and the first one we go in is ghetto, saggy pants, too big o' shoes and chains -ghetto. I pick up a white shoe w/ a green stripe and go, "when will i ever need this?" We all go out of that store adn to another one were we find some clothes we can atleast wear. You all were still looking in the store and i tell candyce i was going to go talk to the mayor about our show time. i head up stairs and hes there to meet me. The fat guy had a glaring look of dis-satisfaction on his chubby face. wtf, we didn't do anything. Then the man says, "i hear you don't like our humor. you called it 'sucky humor' if i heard right." The dictionary opened in my head and i ran through words that rhymed w/ "sucky". Nothing fitted, so i was going to say i had a lisp. Instead i said, "yea, you probably heard right, so am i still playing teh show?" "No you and you god-aweful band are going to get out of my town, NOW!" I turned around and leaned over the banner and shouted, "Guys, were leaving. Grab what your holding and pack up." No one came out of the store i saw you in last, infact all the lights were off. "Come on, Hurry," i yelled again. I skooted down to were all of our stuff was. Only mine was there now. So i picked up my gym bag and guitar, then went down the the steps to the exit. All the smiling faces were haters now. i walked out the door, "they must of headed to (either Lettinsburg or Gettinsburg) for the next show, i can catch them on the train." out side was dark and dead looking except there were people walking around like no problem. i didn't know where the train station was so i went over and sat on some steps. An old man walked up to me, he seemed friendly enough. the old guy coughed and said, "this place isn't happy w/ you sitting here." i didn't care, i felt kinda bummed because of you guys leaving me behind. "i mean this place is really not happy, w/ you sitting here," he said again. I looked up, dark, gothic style church steeples loomed above me against the grey sky. i must of had a bad expeirience w/ churches because i left my stuff and got out of the shadow of the church. "Dear, thats not a good place to leave your belongings." the man brought them over for me. "Thankyou" i said then remembered the train station," hey, do you know where the tram leaves?" "Just go through that door to reach the 'tram', you'd better change your clothes when you go though" eerily the man smiled. I looked toward the door then back at him, but he was suddenly gone. The door was the only way then, it was a old swinging door on the side of an old building, but there were no tracks coming or leaving from either end. What other choice did i have, so i went though to see a . . . bathroom? It was a bathroom w/ two stalls and one other lady in it, she looked like she belonged in hawaii. "fucking great," i mumbled then walked into a stall, only w/ the backpack containing the clothes i practically stole. i unzipped the backpack and pulled the contents out. all the clothes were black, not the colors i originally had at all. Hmp, i changed anyway. Then a sound went off and a voice came over a microphone in the bathroom, it said, "Tram for (Lettinsburg or Gettinsburg), departure time is now." I heard the lady on the out side give an excited "oh" then heard her shuffling her stuff together. "wait, lady! Can you tell me where i can find the--" The door opened," no time dear, the trains going to leave w/out me!" I grabbed my stuff and unlocked the bathroom door, no good, the hawaiian lady was already gone. I went out side and behold, i wasn't by the church anymore but at the train station. People were everywhere, crowding around the ticket booth and for a moment i only stared in amazment. The ticket booth! i walked over, "hey! ticket guy! When does the train leave for (again the town name)?" The guy stared at me," for where?" i reapeated myself. The guy looked at me in confusion again," sorry ma'am, i've never heard of that place." I grumbled in anger and walked over to a pay phone, pulling change and called my mom, "hey mom""hi honey. Hows your vacation in Austria going?". . . . then my real mom, in real life woke me up.
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Friday, November 30, 2007

Mmm this oatmeals digusting, its like weight-watchers somethin' or other and im not even obese. but its bannana somethin and it look'd good at the time, but no, no its not.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bla, 2 days well spent recovering from the flu in a pair of shorts and a robe. no really it was horrible. such an update isn't it?
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Everyone gets the wrong idea!
I needed to do a hand on hip reference fora pic i was helping a friend draw and when i asked if anyone would stand up and put their hand on their hip everyone got the wrong idea, i love to see people's expression when that happens. maybe only creative people arn't so defensive of their lower back area.
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Monday, November 12, 2007

   Whoo! I havea terrible life at school cuz i'm supposedly so damn nice. Thats not supposed to be attractive that i'm a weirdo! i don't want to be loved or hated. i just want to be here.
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yia! i forgot to do my chem. homework again! so i worked on portraits for friends.
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