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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 03/14/06:

You should wear : Black Elegant and dramatic. A bit depressed but you will never look boring. Dark clothes are timeless. They can show how you
really feel, or they can hide your emotions.It is all about how
you present yourself to other people. So what: In black you're cool and mysterious! Go you!

What color should you wear?
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Result Posted on 03/13/06:

You have a dark soul. You dont have many or no
friends and you like to be alone. people
usually find you in the dark corner of your
room thinking. you usually think about death.
What's wrong? You should cheer up a little,
you may not show it but you really want a
friend your just afraid they wont accept you.
So go on. your color: black. Lyric: I felt the hate rise up in me kneld down and
cleard the stone of leaves, i want to ride
where you cant see inside my shell i wait and

What is your soul like?
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Result Posted on 03/11/06:

You are neutral.You have no idea if you want to be
good or evil....or maybe it's just that you
are stuck in the middle and don't know what
you are exactly.Nonetheless, you aren't too
evil and you are surely not completely good.

Are you good,evil,or neutral?(anime pix.....for girls only!)
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Result Posted on 03/11/06:

purple soul
Your soul is Purple! Slightly reserved, Purple
Souls are mistakened to be dark and cold.
However, you are just not as sociable as the
other Souls. You can say that you're a
bookworm, but hey, you just like to read.
Purple Souls have a passionate heart that
sets its eyes on something and never lets go
until it has it. What makes the Purple Souls
so unique is that they seem to have a little
of each Soul within them. All people have to
do is gain your trust and you two will be the
best of friends. You are Most compatible
with Blue Souls.

What color is your Soul?
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Result Posted on 03/11/06:

You're a doggy!

What kind of animal are you? (anime pics)
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Result Posted on 03/11/06:

Alternative. Alter=a change in form, thought, or
pace. You're different in style everyday, you
often change things from one to the next, and
you just can't fit in, no matter how much you
try. People sometimes find you hard to
describe or label, and sometimes you are able
to find two different sides of every story.
You have two personalities, both reserved for
certain times, though you're very special =)

What type of music genre are you? (AnImE pIcS)
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Result Posted on 03/03/06:

Depressed Type
Depressed Type: Your anime personality is the
Depressed Type. You come off as stone cold or
careless, and people have trouble getting to
know you. You don't let your guard down very
often, and hardly ever let your real emotions
show through. That would be a weakness.
You're quiet and reserved, but are easily
angered. People learn not to get on your bad
side, and yet you aren't really as cruel as
you let on. You hide and inner sadness. Element: Darkness Weapon: Axe Pet Peeve: People who are TOO perky background="http://www.boomspeed.com/sfhelpers/backgrounds/83.gif">src="http://www.boomspeed.com/sfhelpers/sf-background.gif"

(Personality) What anime psyche conveys YOUR personality? (With Awesome Pix)
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Result Posted on 03/03/06:

Your soul is White! You are very different and you
love it. You always have a different way of
looking at things and like to think rather
than talk. You're anything but predictable.
Some people see you as cold, but that's only
because they don't know you. You tend to hide
your true self, even from your family and
friends. You may seem emotionless, but you
actually feel more than most do. You just
hide it. People are drawn to: your mysterious aura People are pushed away by: your cold exterior Quotes: "When life gives you lemons, make grape juice,
then sit back and let the world wonder how
you did it." "I'd much rather be hated for who I am, than
loved for who I am not."

What colour is your soul? - anime pics (now w/ new result)
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Result Posted on 02/28/06:

Rejection has upset you. You can't change who you
are, but sometimes you wish you could. You
keep your emotions to yourself because you're
afraid that people would except you even less
if they know how you really felt. You're into
RPG and other things that let you become
whoever you really want to be. You are a shy
person because you fear being judged. You
want to find love. You want to find someone
who needs you just as bad as you need

What Has Upset You? (Anime Pics)
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Result Posted on 02/28/06:

The beach! Bubbling and cheerful, you brighten
every room the moment you step inside. Your
kind personality is the envy of your school.

~ What Location Represents You? (cool pics)~
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