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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

nothing really happened today. My friend and I made uo another song and it's awesome! maybe not to other people but to us it is. ^-^

Well that's basically all that happened. I know...a very short post but nothing to write. well i have a high school orientation. and happy birthday Wing Moon!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

   my friend, from yesterdays post, is gonna be okay! im so happy. When she explained what happened to her doctor, he/she didnt even know what was wroong with her and this morning she had to take a blood test. She went to school, she just can't participate in gym for the rest of the week.

gay projects due next week. one is a social studies project which i won't bother to explain because it's not as gay as my science project. In science, we have to teach the class a topic we choose out of a bucket. It might not seem as gay but i dont like to talk in front of my class, espicially science class, so i probably won't do it. I'll find the research and everything but when it's my turn to present i'll just say i don't have my stuff. I might change my mind but so far im not. It doesnt even count for that much. It only counts as a quiz grade!!! how gay.

anyways...i guess that's it for today. see ya.

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Monday, February 27, 2006


I RESERVED KINGDOM HEARTS 2!!! I am soo happy...incase you couldnt tell. I reserved it yesterday and I can't wait to get the game. so excited.


today something bad happened. In gym my friend fainted and then started throwing up. It turns out she has the flu and the stomach virus and running was not helping her. It was so scary... sitting next to her watching her faint. That's the 3rd time it's happened and she's really starting to scare me. Today was probably one of the most scariest days of my life.

The weird thing is I was crying about it (yea...call me a cry baby if you want) because she was scaring me and then i guess i kept on thinking about it and i fell on the gym floor. Then my body was going numb and I couldnt breathe at all. Then that's basically all i remember. I cannot remember anything. I guess thinking about bad stuffs, such as this one, makes me loose my memory couse its been happening to me a lot.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

It's 4:38pm and since it's Sunday, Game stop is gonna close early! i didnt reserve Kingdom Hearts 2 yet and i dont think i will today. It's no fair. I really wanted it. I kept on screaming and singing "I want Kingdom Hearts 2" but do i even get to reserve it? NO!!! you know why? Because my dad's not home and my mom doesn't know how to drive. It's no fair. I really really REALLY wanted to reserve it today. But at least i have a month to still reserve it right?


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Saturday, February 25, 2006

today my mommy's coming home from NY and then she's gonna pay me back the money she owes me. Then she might buy my gift card i got for christmas. The gift card was to American Eagle and i dont really shop there so my mommy's gonna give me money that was in it. there was $40 dollars!!! so then i might have $55 by tommorrow! but i wont spend all of it on kingdom hearts. im just gonna pay $5 to keep it there and stuff and then once kingdom hearts 2 comes out, imma pay the rest.

plus, i need money to buy more manga. In case you haven't heard i only have 2. i have the 4th Alice 19th manga and the 1st pita ten manga. i really want marmalade boy, the rest of pita ten, Fushigi Yugi, Hunter X Hunter, and other mangas so i have to start saving up. times like this, i wish i was rich.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

   what happened today? umm... today in gym we played tabletennis. i won two games and that's it. i lost the rest of the games. I went on a loosing streak.=[ i even lost against the suckiest people. i had a really bad day (for tabletennis i mean)

lunch was hilarious. singing a stupid song while doing hand motions for the stupidist reasons.
reason #1- love the song
reason #2- exercise
reason #3- helps our voice
reason #4- funny as heck
reason #5- LOVE the song

now it's the weekend and on Sunday i plan to reserve the kingdon hearts 2 game. want the game so badly. i hope i have enough money by the time it comes out. me and my sister are planning to split the cost. Since the game costs $50 and the magazine costs $15-20 me and my sister should pay $35 each. i hope i get that much money in a month.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

   today was the first day i got REAL homework after the 3 day weekend. awww...and i actually have to do it too. ill live i guess...

anyway...what else happened today? ummm...i apparently do not know which way the clock goes. we were doing this thing in math where you had to rotate something counter-clockwise. that something was obviously a shape. anyway i rotated it clockwise. hehe...oh well i figured it out...eventually. hehe...XD

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

   study island
in math today, we went to this site called study island. its to help us with the GEPA test.

at least i think thats what it stands for. anyway...at first i thought it was going to be boring, but it was actually pretty fun. You play lots of games to study and stuff and it has all sorts of subjects. imma go on it soon. soo...cya

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

today miss teen america, Samantha Haan(or something like that), came to our school to talk about harrasment. It turns out that she was verbally abused, physically abused, and cyber abused for years. It all started cause her best friend spread a rumor saying she was gay. I wonder what would have happened to her is that rumor wasnt spread around. people can be so cruel...

By the way...yesterday i learned how to whistle. I was so happy. i kept on screaming and whistling. hehe...but i cant whistle outside and it takes me a while to whistle but i whistle...eventually...

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Monday, February 20, 2006

okay..today i got my braces tightened and it didnt hurt at all. hurray for me! since my friend didnt answer her phone, i didnt know what color to get so i just chose black. yea...doesnt look as nice as i thought it would but its good enough. well...later.
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