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Saturday, March 11, 2006

okay...remember yesterday when i posted that me and my friend had this pizza party thing? Well I think the pizza got me sick. At around 5 or 6 i got these really bad headaches and stomach aches and I felt like I was gonna puke. Then at around 8 or 9 when my Dad wasn't home, I went to check my temperature and it said I had a temperature of 102.2.=[ And for dinner I had pizza AGAIN cause my Dad bought some and I only ate one slice!!! Usually I have like 3 or 4 or 5. Well then I went to sleep early and when I woke up, It felt like I didn't have a temperature anymore. So i guess it was a less then 24 hour sickness. Who knows?

Anyway, today my plans are go online, talk on the phone, eat, and watch anime. So original huh? Well seeya later.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

okay...today was interesting. In the morning I didn't really do anything. ummm... In gym we played dodgeball and my team won! hurray! umm...lunch I won this little contest thing before so I ate in another room with other people that won. I thought it was going to be boring cause none of my friend would be there. Then i saw one of my bestest friends so we ate lunch together. It was so much fun. I cannot begin to explain what we did.(no dirty thoughts people)

Afternoon nothing really important in spanish. Social Studies we watched some Saturday night live thing. There was this part in Japanese and I understood some of it. Hurray for me!!!

ummm...nothing really much happened I don't think. We'll seeya laterzzz.

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

yay!!! im back. And this time I am definetly visiting everybody's sites. I am not busy at all today! hurray!

Anyway...today wasn't as boring. In the morning I had gum which is awesome cause I haven't had gum since i got my braces on. In English I found out that yesterday ( because of the "misunderstanding") people kept on talking about me. Saying like "Do you think she will cut herself again?" and all that crap. GrRrRrR...and most of those people are people I don't even talk to. Anyways... gym was okay...i guess. We did step arobics(sp) and it was okay cause im actually pretty good at it.

Lunch was hilarious. One of my friends was acting all high and junk and said random things. Then this other guy next to our lunch table was talking to us for some odd reason and she acted high around them. Then I started laughing like heck. Then me and my other friend was singing an annoying song to my other friend. Yeah...Lunch was amazingly fun!

Afternoon was okay. I did pretty good on a notebook test in Social Studies and I think I got at least a C on my spanish quiz. I know a C isn't that good but i didn't know anything at all, so I'll be happy if I get a C or higher.

Well Im gonna go visit now. seeya! =)

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Hey!!! it turns out i can go on today which is exactly why im posting. =)

Okay...you all heard about my science project right? I mean i wrote about it like for days. Well, anyways, i presented it today, and i did really bad. Also, I forgot to bring formal shoes, forgot to say half the information i got, and so on and so forth. Plus I wrote really really sloppy. Sloppier than normal.

Then at gym and lunch me and my friends got into this little misunderstanding. That's okay though cause we all made up after like... 30 minutes after it happened. But we still have to go to this meeting thing at my friends house. Don't worry, grown ups didnt plan this, us kids did.

That's basically all for today. I can finally visit everybody's site now. seeya ^-^

edit- i guess i can't go visit everybody's sites today. I am so sorry again. I promise i will evetually. I have to go to a band concert so...yeah....


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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

in the process of printing 20 copies of a graphic organizer. I definetly can't go to anybody's sites today except the sites i already went to cause after im done printing i have to get of cause of my brother. I dont' think i can go on tomorrow either. I promise i will try to get to everybody's site by the end of the week. I am so sorry.
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Monday, March 6, 2006

today me and my friend were having this contest on who can stay the longest while moving your head side to side. Who knew that by doing that you could get very sick? I got light-headed, i could barely breathe, i felt like stabbing my throat, and i felt like i was gonna puke. Not that any of you needed to know that but still.

I don't know if i can get to everybody's site cause i still gotta work on my damn projects. seeya.

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Sunday, March 5, 2006


Yesterday I did get to go to the mall with my friends. Hurray! We saw Pink Panther and it was so hilarious. That's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen in my short 13 year life. After We saw Pink Panther I told my friend's parents I didn't want to go home yet so we snuck in another theatre room thing and watched the beginning of UltraViolet. I had to leave so we didn't watch the whole thing. Also I felt really bad about sneaking into a movie I didn't pay for. It felt really weird. Yesterday was one of the most funnest (i know, not good grammar) day of the month! so far...


Right now is probably the only time I can go online. I have to work on 2 projects that I haven't even started. One's due tomorrow and the other one is due on Wednesday(but maybe I could get an extension) hehe... yeah, I'm a last minute person. Well, since I have to work on those 2 projects I can't go online that much which means I can't get to everyone's site today. sorry, but I'll try my best to finish fast so I can visit everyone's site okay. Well gotta start those projects. cya.

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

today i might go to the mall with my friends. I really want to go. I really don't hang out with them after school so if i go, i can hang out with them besides in school.^-^

I just noticed this. Yesterday i kept on writing that todays date was 3/2/06 when it was 3/3/06. hehe...-_-'

Hmm...you wanna know the reason why i woke up? I woke up because my mommy woke me and my sister up just so we could see her jewelry. Can't she show us when we actually want to pay attention. jeez...

I guess that's it for now. I might edit this post if something interesting happens. cya!

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Friday, March 3, 2006

   nothing really happened today. umm... we played capture the flag(we used a football) in gym and people kept on cheating!!! oh well...my team/class won anyway.=]

in spanish we played loteria/bingo and i won twice!!

The past two days people made a big deal on yearbook stuff, like who would be voted best friends, most artistic(which will be arduous), most likely to succeed, most athlatic, nicest smile and eyes, everybody's pal and so on and so forth. It was really retarded because most people know only the popular people are going to win.

I guess that's it. buh byezzz!

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Thursday, March 2, 2006

ok...i guess it kind of snowed today but not really. It snowed in the morning really hard. I was trying to catch one on my tongue but instead it landed in my eye. ouch!

anyway...today i have a new goal but i won't put it in my goals section. My goal is to find out and memorize the team rocket motto. hehe... yea my friend got me obsessed with wanting to know it.

A few days ago I got sent into guidance because somebody told them that I cut myself. To be honest, I did used to cut myself and I got really addicted to it. Im stopping now and I haven't done it for 3 weeks. That's pretty good i guess. Well, guidance was really boring. I didn't really do anything and barely said anything so that was no use. well i guess thats it. cya

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