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Monday, March 20, 2006

I can't go on everybody's sites today. I'm sorry but I have to babysit. =(

Anyways today nothing really much happened. Umm...We're starting to learn about the holaucost(sp) in S.S. That's basically it. I know this is such a short post but I'm in a rush right now. Seeya later!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

okay...yesterday I did get to go to the mall. hurray! I went there with Monica(akira614) and Cierra(suki1401).I actually went into the mall at 4:30 and we went to Barnes and Nobles first but we didn't buy anything. Before I got there, Cierra bought me the 2nd Pita-Ten book as a very early birthday gift. Thank you cierra! Anyways then we went running to the movie theater to watch She's the man. It's an awesome movie. I love it so much. It was so funny.

Anyways, after the movie we went to the food court and something bad happened. I will not explain what happened because I'm just trying to get over it. Let's just say I spent the rest of the night hiding from my Dad. Yea...and I started to cry A LOT. So my sister told her "brother" (by the quotation marks obviously not blood related brother) to cheer me up and he kind of did. Not really. So here I am hiding from my dad. How fun...NOT!!!

Anyways I watched the Last episode of FMA. I loved it. I cannot wait until the movie comes out. I can't believe there are no more FMA episodes!*tear*

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Today my mommy came home from the carribean. Don't mind me for spelling errors. Anyway she was going to give us souveniers but everything was too expensive. She said those little pringles chip things were $8 for one. I can't believe that. She was suppose to come home yesterday but her boss' baby had to go to the hospital. =(

Well today I probably am going to the mall. If I do i need more money cause i only have about $12 and I wanna watch She's the Man. hehe...

This is a pretty short post today. I'll try and write more on tomorrow's post. Well seeya later.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Sorry I couldn't get to everyones site yesterday. I had a million projects to do and I had to babysit. I'm sorry!

today there was no GEPA! Hurray! Well nothing really much happened. Home ec. and English we watched a movie. Math we went on studyisland.com. Science we finished watching a movie. During that movie me and my friend had a telepathic message thing. We said the same thing at the same time. Might seem lame but it was awesome. Gym, and Spanish were boring. Social Studies was our class against Mr.Deevey's class. It was full of suspense and everything and it turned out to be a tie. How lame.

Well that was basically it. I'll seeya later.

P.S-No doggie treats today! =(

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

today was interesting again...

Well I tried dog treats again but it wasn't beggin' strips. I might have that tomorrow. It was bacon flavored Jerky treats. It was disguisting. It tasted just like yesterdays dog treat. I feel sorry for Chloe's(obnoxious) dog.
I started feeling sick again but not as much as yesterday. But i threw up again. whatever. Then me and Heather were talking about what our mom's would say if we found out we were trying dog treats. It was hilarious. Then we started talking in a Filipino accent and singing handgame songs that we haven't played in years. Today at lunch was great.

Anyways today was the last day of GEPA. Hurray! It was so easy.

Oh yeah...last night I slept in braids and when I woke up and took it out my hair was all poofy! So i tried to straighten it but it didn't for so I put it in pig tails. Then after gym I took 'em out cause they were annoying me and it wasn't that poofy anymore! hehe...

Well that was my day. seeya laterzz

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

today was interesting...
Today was the first part of english for GEPA. The first part was pretty easy besides the open ended questions. Who knew you actually had to think?!

Anyways today was memorable day for me and my other three friends Fiona, Amanda, and Heather. We ate dog treats. Yeah...I know it was stupid of us but we were curious. It was disguisting. Nutru(i think that's what it is) is poisonous. Amanda tried it first and said it was good so then me, Fiona, and Heather ate it two. Then we all spit up in a paper bag and drank water, ice tea, and disguisting juice. eww...I think I can still taste it. Anyway In school, I kept on feeling like I had to throw up and somebody said I looked pale. I started feeling a little better 7th period. Then when I went home, I threw up. Whatever...tomorrow we are trying beggin' strips. I heard those taste really good and Nutru is poisonous. I'll let you know how beggin' strips taste if I try one tomorrow.

Well seeya laterzzz.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

anyways... Today at school was okay. The GEPA was pretty easy with the exception of one or two problems. I probably got more than that wrong but oh well.

Science was boring. You remember before when I kept on talking about my gay science project. I gotta 70 on that!!! That's almost failing! God...I HATE my science teacher!!!

Anyways lunch was okay...nothing really happened I don't think.

Spanish I made my flag of Costa Rica. It looked pretty good. I put glitter on mine. hehe...

Social Studies we were watching this movie called Paid to Foward and it was so sad. This little kid started this thing how if you help 3 people hopefullly that 3 people will pass it on and it keeps on going and going. When the little kid was trying to defend soomebody else, the kid who was picking on the other kid stabbed the little kid. Sounds kinda confusing but it was really sad. Anyway when the little kid got stabbed he died. Lot of people came to his house and his mother was there and she was crying. Lots of people came with candles and flowers mourning for the little kid. so sad. *tear*

okay im done with that. Well I'll go visit everybody's site now. seeya later.

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happy pi day! welll anyways yesterday i forgot i needed a picture of a costa rican flag so here i am trying to find one. this is going to be short for now but ill update after school. Today's GEPA is math. seeya
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Monday, March 13, 2006

I know this is late for me to post, but my brother was on the computer.

Anyways Today was the sceince GEPA. It was kinda hard. When my class was done taking the GEPA, we had to wait for everyone else to which took forever. It was suppose to be done at 10:30 but it didn't stop until 11! And when we were allowed to talk to people I didn't because I don't have any friends in that class. So i spent more than 30 minutes looking around the classroom over and over again. Now I really hate that classroom.

That's about it. I might post late again tomorrow and I don't know if I can get to everyone's site today but i'll try. seeya.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Even though I don't have a fever anymore, I still get bad headaches and stomach aches. And those headaches and stomach aches made me miss FMA! Im sad cause I heard it was a good episode. I guess it's okay though, Ill just watch it on youtube.


Tomorrow is GEPA! Just great. And tomorrow topic had to be science, a topic I do not know anythiing about. oh well at least there won't be homework(at least I think there won't be) I would say "If only I still had a fever" but first of all I would have to make up the test later and second of all, my parents would still make me go to school. Yea...there freaks about perfect attendance.

I guess that's it for now. seeya later peoples. ^-^

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