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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

This is a poem i wrote and it descibes me very well (it's copy righted so don't get any ideas)
Beautiful Freedom

Feeling the gentle wind blowing on your face,
Hearing the leaves dance to the music,
The music no one stops to listen to.
The music provided by God.
Just to lie in a quiet field and listen to the wind and treeís gentle dance.
To hear the low hum of the bugs joining the chorus,
Everything falls into a peaceful hum as you start to hear the music.
You feel as thou everything has been taken away.
Anger, sadness, frustration, hatred,
All gone, taken away by the wind,
All you feel is joy.
You close your eyes smiling as the music brings you to tears,
One thing sticks out in my mind,
To have wings.
To be able to spread giant, lofty wings
And rise in the air and become one with the wind.
To be truly free,
To become part of the song,
To throw off all hatred and chains the world has put on you
And be free.
become part of Godís gentle dance,
To soar among the clouds,
To feel at peace.
To be free.

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