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Monday, August 13, 2007

   Loveless Addiction(For the Second Time!!! xD)

Hikari by Fainaru

November 13, 2006
Been a while since I've made anything other than abstract themes. Surprisingly enough, this layout doesn't have an FF12 inspired title, which is too bad. For those who have Hikari in their hands, remember to follow the terms and enjoy the design. It's not always I steer away from monotone - or try to steer away for that matter.

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We went to the Orthodontics today so they could shape molds for my teeth. That stuff felt good, but tasted naaasty!!! xP I brought Loveless Vol.6 and xxxHolic Vol.9 with me so I wouldn't get bored waiting. When I left to go get the molds done, I left my two books there with my mom.
When we left, she goes, "Yesenia, what the hell kind of books are you reading?! I was skimming through that Loveless books and saw two guys kissing!!! How old are they?!"
I started laughing!! I knew I shouldn't have left Loveless with her...xD
So I had to explain it to her, but now she's gonig to read it since I couldn't explain it good enough xD

Uggghhh, I'm so tired!! After the orthodotics, we had to go to like, 5 other places!!!! We just barely came back right now!! T_T

Anyways, I might change my theme to Loveless now xD My addiction for it is growing again! ^^
I can't seem to stay on one theme. I always change it T_T

Well, yesterday I went to Sakura Hime's house. Ringo hime was teasing about Loveless Vol.6 because it's hers and I wanted to buy it first!! >_<
Then she showed me the part where Ritsuka and Soubi kissed xD I looove that pic for some reason. I told her I'm gonig to copy it xD

Well, I better get off. I have to draw a pic for Ringo Hime. Laterz!!!

=^_^= <-KITTY FACE!!!! XD

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