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Friday, August 10, 2007

   WOOOT! I'm A Freshman!!! xD

Hikari by Fainaru

November 13, 2006
Been a while since I've made anything other than abstract themes. Surprisingly enough, this layout doesn't have an FF12 inspired title, which is too bad. For those who have Hikari in their hands, remember to follow the terms and enjoy the design. It's not always I steer away from monotone - or try to steer away for that matter.

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Today we had Freshman Orientation. Ppl at my school are REALLY nice!! They had the Link Leaders do all this stuff for us, like a rally kind of. My mom got out early from her parent meeting...T_T
Ayways, it was really fun! I saw my BEST FRIEND EVER, Brigett, and I saw one guy from my old school! xD He was WITH the guy I think I'm starting to like. ANyways, I was seapearted from Brooke and Brigett so I was pretty alone, but I had fun anyways. We didn't get our lockers so...we had to carry FIVE THICK BOOKS HOME!!!!! GAAAH! My arm almost broke off...T_T

Okay, has anyone read or seen FullMoon? If you have, can you please tell me....WHAT COLOR IS TAKUTO'S HAIR?!?! I'm drawing Takuto, and I'm almost finished but all I need is the hair color!! I asked my sister and she said it's brown, but I think it's black. PLEASE TELL ME!!
(By the way, I'm going to send it tomarrow xD)

I just saw The Hills Have Eyes T_T
SOOOO DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!! I only got through the first hours or something and I left to go finish my drawing. It was pretty cool, but naaaasty!

Anyways, my sister just finished Fruba Vol.14 xD
She went, "EEEEWWWWWW!!!!"
My poor nine-year old sister...She's trying to forget that part still xD

Well, that's it for today. I gotta go eat dinner. Laterz!!

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