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Thursday, August 9, 2007


Hikari by Fainaru

November 13, 2006
Been a while since I've made anything other than abstract themes. Surprisingly enough, this layout doesn't have an FF12 inspired title, which is too bad. For those who have Hikari in their hands, remember to follow the terms and enjoy the design. It's not always I steer away from monotone - or try to steer away for that matter.

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WOOOT! Thank you mother!! My mom bought Fruits Basket Vol.17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only did it have my favorite character of all time on the cover(Saki Hanajima)but...it was SO romantic!!! xD
But, it was kind of disturbing to me. Because at the end(sorry for spoiling it)*someone* and *someone*...well, let's just they did IT.
I wasn't disturbed because of THAT, but the two people who were doing IT, was the disturbing part. 0_o When you read, you'll understand xD

*calms down*
Well, yesterday was pretty much boring. I stayed on the computer witout getting up for six hours. xD You know what I hate? I hate it when ppl sign your gb and just say, "Great site. Come sign my gb" T_T
They should at least say something more meaningful than that! Or something funny! THAT'S what makes a good gb signing.

Anyways, yesterday, I was running over to the computer and my brother was in front of me. He thought I was going to go to the bathroom, because he was, and we usually race to get there xD So my brother started running into the bathroom and he slammed right into the door xDD
I was like, "Ha ha!! I wasn't even going to the bathroom!!"
*sighs* Ah, fighting can be fun. xD It's fun especially with my brother and me. Like, we're sitting on both ends of the couch and we just rnadomly hit each other. Then my sister(who I call the Saint)sits in front of us with two cushions by her side and tells us, "If you guys pass me, I'm gonig to hit you!"
So me and my brother try to slap each other but my sister just gives us a horriable whacking to the head xD

That's it for now!! I apoliegieze for spelling mistakes! xD Laterz!

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