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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

   Cannibal Cats!!!!(Seriously, this REALLY happened!)0_o

Hikari by Fainaru

November 13, 2006
Been a while since I've made anything other than abstract themes. Surprisingly enough, this layout doesn't have an FF12 inspired title, which is too bad. For those who have Hikari in their hands, remember to follow the terms and enjoy the design. It's not always I steer away from monotone - or try to steer away for that matter.

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I have to tell you this weird-ass story that ACTUALLY happeed in my dad's backyard.

Okay, about three months ago, my dad was trying to get a cat out of the shed he has in the backyard. But it wouldn't come out so he left it in there. Then, on Saturday, he opened the shed again to get something. Inside it smelled like pee and something dead. He was looking around when he saw another cat jumping around. But this one ws diffrent from the other cat he locked in the shed. It must've gotten in or something. Then under my half-brother(Elijah's) crib, he saw a cat's head. When he moved the crib, it was GONE from its body!!! The body was laying around under a box. Even its paws were dismembered from the body!!!! 0_o
It was the other cat inside. He actually ATE the other cat!!!!! My dad tried shooing it away, but it wouldn't leave. He finally managed to scare it behind the shed. My grandmother said it was probaley the heat that messed up its brains.
That's sooo gross huh? (I loved telling that story xD This is ACTUALLY true!)

Anyways, I was super mad yesterday because I got ready to go to Borders and buy Fruba Vol.17. But...IT WASN'T THERE!!! I got so mad, not only because I dressed up for nothing, but because I wanted that book sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!! I have ALL the Fruba books up to the new one! I NEEEEED it!! *Waaaaahhhh!!!*

Well, I gotta go. I'm probaley going to be on till 12:00, but I'll probaley be on Myspace. xD

1.Did you think that story was gross, or something else?
2.Quick! Pic one: Momiji or Hatsuharu?!
3.Who's your favorite Fruits Basket Character?

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