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Thursday, June 22, 2006

   Blinding Rage makes for a good diet...

Sorry guys, i know i'v been a total bitch and havent been getting to sites or upping everyday like i should, but as usual house life is bad...That fucking asshole my mother was dating that always complained about, yea, he moved out for a while, and now he's back...I Want To Kill Myself. I cant take it here you guys i really cant. its gotten to the point where i cant even stand being in the presence of that asshole because he makes me physically ill. i seriously can not eat around him because i will get sick. im not even joking. i spend all my time either out of the house or in my room, im quite litterally never home, and if i am no one knows because i dont come out of my room, for just about anything. so i woke up this morning figuring id eat, clean a little, u know the usual, and low and behold there on the table is an entire page of rules...that he fucking wrote. didnt even consult my mother. he doesnt pay for anything in this house, not one thing, its basically a free fucking ride for him, but he thinks he can make all the desisions. im serious u guys, i dont know how much more i can take before i snap...im gonna lose it here, soon, im not sure how or what im going to do, but its not gonna be pretty. im gonna ending probably getting grounded for some mass period of time or sent to a mental institution for masochism. im really sorry for being such a little emo prick u guys, but i really just needed to vent somewhere...

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