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Friday, June 9, 2006


okay im gonna make this short and sweet...wednesday night kitty and i went to hu hot, this kick ass asian restaurant...and i got food poisoning. iv been vomiting since like wednesday night. in the past 24 hours iv lost three pounds...i feel like im dying...make it stop...please...

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

   ohayooooooooo gozaimasu!!!!!

so uh yea, its summer...and im actually busy for once...its weird...u know but yea, chris get your ass to the phone or email me your freakin number. kitty wants to make our characters...we kinda need to speak to u for this sorta stuff, im going to strangle u soon if u dont give me your damn number.not even kidding. ill be home till about 5:30 or 6 today, im tutoring thane at me house from 4-5:30 or 6ish kay?! but ah man, i saw X-3 last night....so totally dissapointing omg...iv been an X-Men fan since i was in diapers, i remember watching the uber old cartoons with my brothers. then i went to tkd with out eating...not smart...never work out for two hours with out eating. i almost passed out. yea it had been a while since id gone too, so im uber sore...ugh, the suckage. once again i apologize i prolly wont be able to get to sites today, but tomorrow, cross my heart i will, kay? but alas i must leave you all my dearys to go plan Thanes Japanese lesson *thats what im tutoring him in* and then gouge my eyes out with a spork because thane is dumb....oh well...

ja ne

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

   My name is Satan, woohoo! My real name is Beelzebub but you can call me Beelz! I love to watch fox news and then go club some baby seals!

Well happy 666 everybody, i know i know, its been forever since i actually updated. im sorry iv been really busy the last few weeks of school or more like the last month i spent spazzing over everything and going through multiple mental breakdowns. u know the drill. finals rolled around, ugh, i passes all my classes...with flying D's i might add...i went waaaaaaaaaaaay down hill second semester cause of all that shit at home u know, the whole mom threatening to kick me out thing, her acting like and uber nazi while i be the jewish girl 24/7 even though im not jewish and we have no german ancestry...but u get the analagy, no? But anywho...yea, its 666 and were not dead, see dymondheart, i told u wed be fine ^^. no worries, its just a silly date. but u know, dont worry bout it...so i went to a party last night, a going away party for one of my good friends Jen, also known as Hideko san from japanese. shes moving back to korea, because her family cant get citizenships and its too expensive for her to take highschool here, it costs almost 5000 a year for her. shes gonna be there for the next two years, she wants to come back for college, but i hope she can visit over the summer...i already miss her...a lot. she was that one girl everybody loved no matter what, u know...but uh yea, happy 666, dymond hear, ill be around till bout 6:30 today if u gimme a call, i gave u kittys number, u know the drill ill try and make it around to sites today but i cant promise anything....ttyl

Y.Y *Jenjen is leaving...*

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

yea, i like my mooooo cows! lol! yea, considering iv played D&D all of two times i am really enjoying it. ill see if i can stay for club tomorrow like i said, btw where have u been in the mornings chris? cause uh, yea, i aint gonna be able to come if you dont drag me to the room, because yea no clue where it is, and yea, lol! i started my realism painting today its gonna be really freakin cool omg. i photoshoped two pics together one of a close up of a baby grave that was tall and had a bunch of rocks cemented in around the name and a kneeling angel on top and it looked really old and antiquie looking and then i used this backround of the same graveyard only the suns going down and i took it at an angle so all the shadows are pointing to the left bottom corner and there are all these really nice looking pine trees in it and hedgestone silouettes and right behind the babygrave *its in the foreground* theres this really old knarly lookin tree and this really weird fog all around it, its so cool omg, and its in black and white so it looks really creepy and weird omg i love it! lol sorry i havent been gettin round to everyones sites i been really busy, barely had enough time to up my own u know but ill try! i gtg, but ill ttyl!


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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


yea, not really sure whats up with the cows...i like em though, rnt they cool! but yea, since im new to the D&D world chris, i think u should help teach me, and i know u love my bf now, but hes mine, so dont try to rape him or ill go psycho girlfriend on your ass, trust me nothing scaryier than an angry gf. tehe! yea, nick wants me to come to gamers club on fridays too, should i? would it "sharpen" my mad skills. iv already learned i cant roll for my own stats, someone has to do it for me or ill roll consecutive sevens. no lie, everytime iv ever picked up the dice to roll for stats, iv gotten sevens, every time, and for those of you who dont know, thats BAD. lol yea, nothing too exciting really happened lately, o and dymondheart, i know why u got ISS, lol u silly, dont headbutt people in front of teachers, jeez. ^^;; uh yea, so anything fun happen to u guys? ooo my friend chris (not dymondheart chris, my gay friend who is hott chris)i had to give him gas money, lol. i got a bath and body works gift card in exchange though, lol! 15 dolla lol, well yea i betta go, ill ttyl!

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Monday, April 10, 2006

   hi! *waves furiously*

hey guys whats up! nm new here...but i did learn how to do something uber geeky on friday *dymondheart if your reading this please dont like assault/rape me tomorrow ^^;;* but i learned how to play *dramatic archaic music* DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS! And i fucking love it! yea, Kitty taught me how to play friday and was like ready to freakin rape me because apparently im the only attractive girl in like the history of gaming that has ever willingly *i actually asked him to teach me* learn to play D&D...so i was like ok...so if i got really good and went to play at Mayhem *local comic shop* what would happen? and this is a direct quote "either you would be raped by everyone there or hundreds of guys would be undressing you with their eyes. o and you would probably smell the virgin in the room. not the smell of virgin of someone preserving like yourself, but the smell of being denied hundreds of times" by this point i was freakin rolling on the ground laughing and was like omg, now i want to get really good just so i can see if its really like that!!!! lol,im such a geek and i love it....but yea, nothing really new other than that, and that i need someone else to play with *hint chris* sometime, but yea whats up with all u guys? *Shiori*

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Friday, April 7, 2006


omg i seriously feel like im going to die, okay my cold thing i have has officially hit its high point, and by that i mean iv got a migrane, i feel like im going to vomit up anything iv ever eaten...u get the idea, yea not only that, but my teeth hurt, bad, bad like i woke up and couldnt talk and got to stay because of it....so yea, life is gonna suck major ass for the next few days....i did a little reading this morning, anybody read "Survivor" by Chuck Palanhiuk i think his name is? its really good its about a surviving member of a suicide cult and how he is hunted down by another member of the cult who wants to kill him because the entire cult committed suicide like six years before and the rule is if your not with everybody else when the time comes, as soon as you find out its time, you have to kill yourself willingly. its really good, rather bleak, but i love it. yea i also been playin "Doom" and "Postal" again all morning...ah how i love listening to the screams of imps and civilians getting shot with a shotgun at 10:30 in the mornin, nothin like it ^^ lol, so whats new with u guys?

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

   yea...so wha?

yea, nm, oooooooooo i got braces put on today...*dramatic music* lol i dont really care, not that big o'deal that everyone makes it out to be, yea, um question though.....how the hell do u eat with these things? i tried...i cant do it...yea...o well...hmmm o yea! i was talkin to my bf the other night (he is a really awsome guy too), and he was like i got u a gift!!! and kept going on about it, and wouldnt tell me what it was, well i went over to his house yesterday (he picked me up from school) and he gave it to me....it was a laptop....with like 10 fucking rpgs and just about everything i could ever want on it!!!!!! its up in me room next to my bed...i like staying up till 5 am playing DOOM and Postal ^^ whats new with u guys?

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Monday, April 3, 2006

   holy jesus christ bananas!

wow its been months since iv updated! i feel so bad i have to win you all over again! o man, so much has happened....i met this really hot guy at our school valentines dance feb. 11 and we hooked up, been dating him, his names mike, but we call him kitty. he purrs. its the cutest thing!!!! yea, hes 18 graduated early, a real sweetheart. didnt actually go to my school, was brought to the dance by Travers (our schools resident drama leader guy who everybody knows)and yea, were very uber happy together and such. hes gotten me into a lot of different authors now too, especially H.P. Lovecraft....i am now a member of the Cthulu cult....

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Saturday, January 28, 2006


wow...i actually got bored enough to creat one of these...

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