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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

   Christmas is coming!
Yo! Long time no random little chat. Anyhoo, Christmis coming up real fast! ^.^ I luv Xmas. Most of the people at my school are counting down the days til winter break(me included) but what's more important is the holiday that's in there. Christmas is the only day out of the entire year that me and my brother willingly get up(and are actually awake) the same time we get up on school days(the crack of dawn). That doesn't mean our parents are up, but hey, whatever right? And Christmas is the only day me and my bro can get manage not to fight at all the whole day. Peace on Earth, good will towards men, and all that other stuff. In the meantime, I have to endure . . . Let's see . . . About twenty . . . two more days? One, two, three . . . Something like that. Whatever. Happy holidays, everybody!

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