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Saturday, July 11, 2009

  I watched two out of my four Corin movies yesterday. Solar Crisis was on VHS, so I can't take any screencaps. He was in that one more than I thought he'd be, but he was wandering the desert the whole time so his face was all dirty and sunburned. >_<

Summer of Fear was okay. I liked that he was the "bad guy," because all throughout the movie he was diabolical and cunning, but then at the end he just kind of went crazy and I couldn't believe his character anymore. What can you expect from a Hallmark movie, though?

If evil looked like that, I would've been on the dark side a long time ago.

Oh, today is David Henrie's birthday. I should probably put up a picture of him, too. ^^; I kind of forgot I liked him...

There! Happy 20th birthday!

Sachiko out.

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