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Monday, May 25, 2009

   It's summer!
Happy Memorial Day!

I'm back for the summer! I would've posted maybe on my last day of school (Thursday) but I decided to wait until the "beginning" of the week. I really hope everyone else gets off school and finds their way back here soon. ^^

Here are my friends and I on the last day. The girl on the left is Kinonai, I'm in the middle, and then there's Takara. We were pretty happy that day!

I don't think I could've posted if I really wanted to, anyway. My first project for the summer was my room, and that took three and a half days of just about non-stop work. I had to throw a lot of stuff away, but I can actually move in my own room again. I folded my life-size Three Stooges cardboard cutout and it's amazing that I can get into my closet again. *^^* Now I just need new posters...

Well, my fluffy Kane-chan hasn't been on WWE TV since May 1st, so I have nothing to say about him. >.< Luckily, I have not just been sitting around heartbroken. There are two guys who are of constant comfort:

Kelly Blatz! He's not really new. I've liked him since Aaron Stone premiered on Disney XD. I was just never obsessed like I am now!


David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place! I am gonna marry this guy if it kills me.

So I've sort of been watching Disney Channel continuosly while cleaning and have seen more Hannah Montana than anyone would ever need to...

Now that I'm done cleaning, I'm going to maybe take a day off and then start painting again. I got these wooden letters for my initials at Hobby Lobby, painted them my favorite colors, and then put stickers on them. They turned out beautifully and are now on my wall. I should take a picture soon. I also have to start driving again...it's been almost a year since I last drove!

Sachiko out!

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

   One more day!
This is the first weekend I've had in awhile with nothing to do. Thank goodness for that. ^^; School has been AWFUL because of the PSAE-ACT prep we have to do. Being a junior is no fun at all. But right now, I have no term papers or essays or anything else to worry about today and it feels good!

Wrestlemania 25 is tomorrow, and Kane is participating in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a shot at any title, any time, for up to one year. I think he's gonna get it! *crosses fingers* I'm so scared about it, though. I don't wanna be disappointed for the millionth time. >_<

Sachiko out.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

   Osu! Ora Goku!
I'm still alive, just in case you were wondering. ^^
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Saturday, February 7, 2009

   Just checking in...
Hey, I'm still alive. I've been so involved in the wrestling world I've been ignoring every other world, including unrelated parts of the Internet. Whoops. ^^;

Things have been...generally okay with me. School is really dull and there's too much work, as usual. Not much to say...I skipped yesterday because my brother was sick and Mom needed me to help take care of him. I never get to do that.

Sachiko out.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

   No school!
The wind chill here is going to be -15 degrees, so they canceled school today! We heard the announcement 7th hour yesterday and you can only imagine how everyone lost their minds with excitement.

So, here I am, not at school. ^^ I do have to look for a topic for my research paper, but I am otherwise free.

This semester is turning out to be way harder than I imagined...I am so thankful to get this little break. We have a half day tomorrow and no school on Monday, too. I hate having school on the same day Monday Night RAW comes on, but now I won't next Monday. Kane was totally screwed this week. His shoulder was up off of the mat but the ref counted "three" because he's BLIND. >_< Grr.

How are you guys? Well, I hope.

Sachiko out.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just stopping by. I haven't done anything new, surprise surprise. School starts on Tuesday.

...Wish me luck. Hopefully, I'll make it out alive!

I'll see you again when I have something to say.

Sachiko out.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year, my friends. ^^
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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

   Life of a Fangirl
I did not expect to be whisked away directly after my last post. >_<

Seriously, Takara called and said I should spend the night, so I said, "Suuuure." Because she's my best friend, I very well couldn't say I would actually be more comfortable staying home watching Kane-chan, so I kind of jumped off the computer and was ready in about a half hour. I never rush like that, so I was a little disoriented. @_@

I'm not saying I didn't have fun. My other friend Kinonai came, too, and we just had ourselves a little sleepover. We played Wii Music, watched Family Guy, and then watched Barney until 3:30 in the morning. Bad idea in retrospect, because then I couldn't sleep at all, but at the time we were so punchy from sleep deprivation it was a blast. The nostalgia was fun, really, because we both remembered the episodes and poked fun at everything. You know how it is.

But about Kane, I was surprised that most of you were afraid of him in his mask. *^^* It's fear-inducing power just doesn't work on me anymore. I do agree, he did look ghoulish with his mask. I actually didn't watch WWE when he was like that (I was watching WCW instead.) I started watching when he had been unmasked for probably a little over a year back in 2004.

He didn't get to do anything good on RAW Monday night. I set my VCR for it and watched it before passing out in the late afternoon. He was in a big, dumb tag match and was only in the ring for, like, two minutes. I hate that. >_<


Oh, he does look creepy in this picture. Creepy AWESOME.

There's my sweet Glen-Glen.

I actually changed my avatar in sort of a tribute to Kane-chan on Gaia. As much as I could, anyway.

Yes! Yes, Sparkle-chan, it's Jang Moon!!! Thank you!

Second one from the left is Jang Moon, and he's also the second one to sing on "1234 Back."

...I am going to marry this guy if it KILLS me. But it's so hard to find any pictures. T_T Argh!!!

He's so adorable. I don't even need to know what he's saying...

Sachiko out.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

   Life (or lack thereof)

Today was our shopping day and I am tired. We were only out for three hours but I've sort of been a vegetable this whole Winter Break. That was way more activity than I am used to. We got groceries, went to K-Mart, Wal-Mart, and the library. *slumps over* I've gotten way too lazy...

RAW's on tonight. I don't know what Kane-chan's doing, but I hope it's something good!

Sachiko out.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

   Woe is me...
There is nothing worse than losing something, no matter how unimportant it may seem. I found out I taped over almost the entire Kane/Rey Mysterio feud in a complicated accident and I have cried about it three times since last night. I can't help it. When it's an obsession, and a particularly important one at that, I can't help but to feel miserable.

But I've worked through the majority of it and have finally gotten control of my emotions... somewhat...I'm far too emotional, I know. >_<

I haven't done anything else. My family's getting along slightly better. I mean, my dad's actually speaking again.

Sachiko out.

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