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Saturday, July 23, 2005

   to talk about the fair XD
K-SAN! hes my 2nd favorite, ah possibly rivalling yuki^^

yeah it was the best!! my friend did come with me and it absolutely POURED! sure that might not seem like fun but it was. it was raining and we were riding the rides that were open, like the Gravitron (spaceship ride spins really fast and pushes you back) scrambler (like gravitron only in open air) pharaoh's Fury (goes really high into the air, form of a ship) thunderbolt (goes forwards and backwards) and this ride that spins fast, and tilt-a-whirl. we rode them over and over again.

then this one kid was on just about every ride we were on and he was a few years younger than us. after the third or so ride he was like "GAH! not you two again!!" and so my friend asked him his name and he ignored us, so she said he was scared and he said he "didnt want our stupidity rubbing off on him!!" *vein* we nicknamed him Takkun from Fooly Cooly XD. after awhile i dont think he really cared we were on the same rides. he tried to impress us but he tripped and fell down the stairs. LMAO. it was great.

i see tohma-chan^^

it poured and the carnies decided to shut down the rides, so thats when we decided to leave (we made carnie friends too^^ one carnie said it was going to be "a helluva storm" and i told my mom that and she didnt even yell at me for "cursing" lmao.) and so, by this time drenched, i just jumped and ran through puddles^^ when we finally got home i was under piles of blankets. i was FREEZING^^

my friend and i stayed up watching anime and reading manga. it was really fun. not to mention i found this one site where i can buy the liddle pink bunny from gravitation! kickass XD! im going to put Gravi pics in my post. toodles!

TOHMA-chan! (thats to you, friend XD she really likes Tohma^^)

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