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Thursday, July 14, 2005

today was pretty annoying. i got a call last night completely unexpected that i would have to start the driving part of my drivers training tomorrow, so i panicked. XD. my mom let me practice driving around a parking lot until i cried when she laughed at me for turning the wipers on instead of the lights. i cry easily XD. she said i did fine and not to worry.

today we had to go to a ton of garage sales.>.< my family sees it as "family garage sale day" and we have to participate...*rolls eyes* i had to drive at 3, so i wanted to practice. didnt happen. we DID eat at a restaurant...and we ended up right across from one of my mother's old co-workers. he was gay! XD he and his partner were pretty hot lol. i figured they were gay since...well you can just tell sometimes, and then my mom went out and said it to us because my dad kept calling me gay and the guys looked over...*sweatdrop* lol

drove today in training. i had to drive through a pretty trafficy town on the first day...i did pretty good with practically no prior training. tomorrow i have to drive from 6:30-9:30 in the morning...saturday too...bleh! i have to drive tomorrow, saturday, monday-wednesday. i cant WAIT until this is all over...

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