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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

nothin much has really happened today. i went to bed at around three, was forced up at six to do some running around so i am basically a living zombie who is...hyper at moments lol.

i have finally figured it outXD do you know how some people go on "graduation trips" when they graduate high school? like to europe or ireland? i am SO going to japan!!! and ill take my grandma with me if shes still alive XD because she has been to japan, likes the japanese, likes anime/manga, and can speak some japanese! AWESOME!

lol another short post, huh? i have 4-H to worry about...i turned in my fine arts (drawing) of Daisuke...it will probably get a white. i spent three hours on it and i think its my best drawing ever, but all i ever get is white...*sweatdrop* even though this one kid was like "whoa! thats really good!" (XD yeah so what? i stand near my art and see if anyone likes it. big deal! XD im sure other people do it too) im still nervous...XD lets hope it makes me proud!

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