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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HALLO EVERYBODY!! i miss you all a lot!!! *big hugs* im truly sorry coz had been busy for these almost 6 months and not b able to on9 here
i getting busy all days and for your information i have 2 competitions for this month only!

well my current news here just only i got bad result for my exam...mayb i too active this year thats why...hohoho ^0^
blek thats my fault i cant balme anybody right?

oh yeah about the last post..do u remmeber i mentioned about debate?
well..our team WON THE FIRST PLACE!!!YAY!!!
u know im so happy and we'll b represent our district for the state level this friday
so wish us good luck okay???

okay thats all from me^^
and another thing for those who always on9 at YM or Window messenger, please add me hidaz_ccs(yahoo) or hidaz-chan(window)

bye bye see you on the next post!!!

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   The second month of 2008!
yay so much things happen on january and i feel that its ok though...i loooove everything that happened^^

okay..sorry coz not updated for a month(i think)
u know im gonna be prefect again this year surely will have to face man stubborn students...besides, i have to face the older students from now on..lol i have to get ready to b stress!!!!

yay one good new^^ im gonna make another theater for theachers day! i will b the main character, the director and also the script writer..im so excoted s until every night i could not close my eyes when thinking about it!!!

another one..my sport day is around the corner and im taking part in marching..lol my face became darker coz so much marching practice...okay see ya!!!

hei im baking a chocolate cake! want to taste???

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

hei today is my last day....
bye bye AGE 14!!! im gonna b a 15 years old gurl tonight!!!^_^ lol already two person greet me...
okay thats all! ja ne!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

HOLA!! thanx for da last comment^^ luv u all!!!
lol im so happy today since 4 latest episodes of Saiunkoku Monogatari S2 had realesed!! im gonna watch it after this^^

oh yeah...now i have my own friendster account..so anybody have it please add me ok???

oh no this year i have to enter the marching for the sport days..its so bad but i think its kinda interesting since we will wearing new uniform this year!!! owh mayb i will take the pic and post it here ok??

and about the cross contry,on the first day its really really tiring...i vomitted once after that...but then on the sec days i had made a plan and enjoys my running..but its seems like i didn't pass the time..LOL since when im running im also enjoying the scenery.. he he XD
okay then see ya!

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

hi! thanx for da last comments i really appreciate it^^ yay i think the school is not so bad a t all!!! and the most awesome thing for now is our cross-country distance was shortened down by the teachers but the time still no change!! yay thats sooooo good!! seems i dont have to work too much about this...i will start the cross country practice this monday...lol kinda afraid too since im not running for a loooooong time...he he XD

oh yeah, im trying to reply all the pms after this...lol sorry if i reply late! yesterday i went back to my town and slept there for a night..lol i wont forget to buy new manga!!! it is the Orange Kiss by Usami Maki^^ i luv Usamu Maki's manga i got 3 of it...hope they will more to come!!

okay then i have to go now...since tomorrow is Monday and i have to go to school...so i have to iron my uniforms... see ya!!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

YAY!! today is my last day of end-year break..so tomorrow we will start to go to school^^ lol i cant wait actually ...um kinda happy too but at the same time kinda afraid too..lol dont know what happen to me..he he XD

wow thanx a lot for the comments on the last post! i really appreciate it! and also for all the replies on my new year e-card lol i got more than 20 replies at the same time...but i will make sure i'll reply it all ok??

since the school will start tomorrow, so again i will dissapear and online when i can.. but it hink i cant online so much at the first month since our time is fulled with sports practice and also some co-curricular activities...mayb i will not here for 1-2 weeks..depend on my free times though...so i have to sorry earlier^^ anyway, i still luv the enjoy my time with u all!
luv ya all!!!!

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Monday, December 31, 2007

   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!
Time: 12.03 am
Date: 1 January 2008


YAy!!! goodbye 2007 welcome 2008!!! Hei!! we all right now here r celebrating new year 2008^^ u all tomorrow right??? wow im listening to the fireworks too^^ its kinda a grand celebration too here^^ hope we still keep in touch and always together^^ and thanx alot coz always supporting me during im here and im really really sorry if i hurt u b4 this...

so u all receiving my new year e-card right??? i know its not so good since this is my first time i did the digital colouring...but i will try to improve it k??? see ya!!!

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Monday, December 24, 2007

hei!!! sorry coz late to post somwthing...i do online here but not everytime...anyway, how's u all chrismast preparation??? hope it already done since chrismast just around the corner^^ hope u get ur dream present this year...

um, im in holiday break(as u know) so its kinda boring and i dont know what to do than just sitting in fornt of the comp, listening music and reading manga...can some of u suggest some site that mayb related to anime or manga that u know???? i really dont know what to do when i open the internet 0_o....

oh yeah, i got an account at hi5...so if some of u(or mayb u free)is the member of it, can u add me?? my username still the same...i got a lot pics there(myself and also my wallpapers) dont know what to talk about now since i didn't know anything that good to story here...sorry :P

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

hello everyone^6 thanx 4 da comments!! i really appreciate it^^ and sorry coz sometime(but i think everytime) i not comment to your post..really really sorry k??? coz well my main language here not english, so i can't read your post that surely have a lot of words that i cant understand...lol im weird right??but i will try to comment too(if u use the simple english)...he he sorry

well you all right, my folder doesn't diappear lol it just moving to the other local disk from D to E..yay lucky^^ so i can start to do my holiday wallpapers!!! im surely will post some here^^

yeah, my sister still an annoying person right now >_< but i think i know why, coz right now she's on period..*blushes* he he no wonder why!!lol dont laugh!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

hei i will not online for today and tomorrow...lol since i will having a visit tomy uncle's house and stay there for a day^^ yay so now i have to pack!!

oh yeah, my comp become really suck today..all the programmes in the computer dissapeared and i dont know if i can get my folder back...sigh, i really love that folder, its contains thousnds of my fav anime wallpapers and images..lol i really hope that my daddy can fix it as soon as possible..TT_TT

talking about daddy, im keep thinking about my elder sister...i dont know, she's become really annoying now... she always keeping me to do works faster than her and if im not doing so good, then she will start to compare me with herself...lol i hope she will not turn more annoying than now...really hope so...i cannot do a single work without hearing her annoying words and her shouts to do houseworks!!!! HELP ME!!

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