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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

   Im alive. I promise.

Yes, Im stil here, and decided to update my page since I literally havent done it in years. I dont feel like updating my portfolio here much anymore, so if you want to see my art please check out my Deviantart, BlueLalaFox.

Im going into high school now, and im kinda worried about that, my middle school was really tiny (pretty much three halways next to each other made it up) and the high school im going to will be much much bigger. But whatever.

Last year, I made it up to 1st chair clarinet, so yay me. It kinda sucks that Im going to be at the bottom again. Oh well. Speaking of that, 'Fish Camp' is on the 30th. Oh Joy.

So... not much than that as happened. So... signing off,


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