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Friday, August 19, 2005

   selling my mangas.
hey guys soooo srri i took so long to reply... huh work has almost killed me. O.O im never going to own a shop wheni grow up... T.T. anyways. i just got gundam seed destiny. it wasnt as good as i thought it would be considering how good the original gundam seed was like amazing lol. one minuet cagalli is bleeding the next shes perfectly fine... like come on! lol. O.O offically my room is clusted of anime pics its not even funny. my mum wont even come in lol yay! but now she wants me to take it down.... b*tch lol. anyways.... soooo. im making a manga... not going well .... grrrrr. lol i just need more pratice i guess or a a few lessons and a few good new ideas for my manga scince its sooooo boring. i have a feeling that its going to turn out to be like a kenshin/gundam/sailormoony thing O.O strnage eh? lol. god i have to stop saying lol... it anoying just like me hahahahahahahahah O.O okay j=dont aSK IM GETTING HYPER OFF OF MILK. stupid caps lock... T.T.oh and i was wondering if anyone knows anything bout trigun beyond the story. i heard it was good but i dunno. also i was wondering would anyone like to buy my mangas? i have Tsubasa vol and a XXXholic vol 1. for sale if anyone wants one just e-mail me k. i was going to sell it on ebay but then i dont have a bank account yet..... poo. lol. anyways yeah thats it. oh and kai hiwitari off of beyblade has the same last name as that detective kid off of D.N.Angel i just noticed lol. ja nea till next time
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