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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 03/19/07:
my grandmother says i look like a mermaid...

You Are a Mermaid
You are a total daydreamer, and people tend to think you're flakier than you actually are.
While your head is often in the clouds, you'll always come back to earth to help someone in need.
Beyond being a caring person, you are also very intelligent and rational.
You understand the connections of the universe better than almost anyone else.

Result Posted on 03/13/07:

What kind of a LOVER are YOU?

When it comes to sex and relationships you put 100% into both. You like to have fun and try new things but you pay alot of attention to the PASSION that lives in side of each kiss, touch or meaningful word. You contain the whole package and any man would be would be very lucky to have a women like you!

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Result Posted on 03/13/07:
This is so me!


Result Posted on 03/13/07:

30 Things You Might Not Know!! by ktwalter73
What are you listening to right now?: my playlist I made for my otaku site
What was the last thing you ate?: creme cheese with guava paste on crackers
If you were a crayon what color would you be?: grey
How is the weather right now?: don't really know... fine I suppose
What color is your underwear right now?: blue
Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?: Giselle
The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?: personality
Favorite type of food?: arroz con bistek
Do you drink?: nope
Ever got so drunk you dont remember?: not really
What color are your eyes?: brown
Single?: no
Favorite month?: March
Last movie you watched?: Sailor Moon: Black Dream Hole
Favorite day of the week?: Monday
Are you too shy to ask someone out?: nope
Hugs or Kissess?: hugs from others, but hugs & kisses from lovers
Chocolate or Vanilla?: chocolate all the way
What books are you reading?: manga
Piercings?: just one in each ear
Favorite movie?: there are too many to name... mostly anime
Any pets?: yes; 8
Aim?: sometimes good, sometimes god awful
Dogs or Cats?: cats
Favorite flower?: roses
Have you ever fired a gun?: nope
Do you like to travel by plane as opposed to car?: car kicks ass
Right handed or left handed?: righty
How many pillows do you sleep with?: two
Are you missing someone?: CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!
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Result Posted on 03/12/07:

Birthdate:february 21, 1992
Birthplace:Miami, FLorida
Current Location:Morton, Mississippi
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:brown
Height:5 ft
Weight:90 lbs. (not proud of it)
Piercings:just one in each ear
Overused Phraze:"...pretty much..." and/or "poosay"
Food:cantelope, arroz con bistek (rice & steak)
Animal:wolf or a fox
Drink:red bull
Alcohol Drink:jager
Body Part on Opposite sex:torso
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing:"madonnas" (spanish way of saying McDonalds)
Strawberry or Watermelon:strawberry
Hot tea or Ice tea:ice tea
Chocolate or Vanillachocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:coffee
Kiss or Hug:hug
Dog or Cat:cat
Rap or Punk:punk
Summer or Winter:winter
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:funny stuff
Love or Money:love
Most Missed Memory:going to the mall with friends & being with Charlie
Best physical feature:my legs & waist
First Thought Waking Up:need... more... sleep...
Goal for this year:gain 10 pounds
Best Friends:the ninja turtles
Weakness:i'm weak... literally
Fears:big cockroaches, heights
Ever Drank:yep
Ever Smoked:yep
Ever been Drunk:yep
Ever been beaten up:nope
Ever beaten someone up:nope
Ever Skinny Dipped:nope
Favorite Eye Color:blue or green
Favorite Hair Color:light brown or a natural blonde
Short or Long:chin length
Height:i gotta at least reach their shoulders
Style:emo (but isn't), punk, something laid back and original
Looks or Personality:tons of personality, with a hint of looks
Hot or Cutehot, or at least a good bit attractive
Drugs and Alcohol:if it's a habit, then no to both
Muscular or Really Skinny:in between; no more, no less
Number of Regrets in the Past:...tons... *rocks back & forth in a corner*
What country do you want to Visit:japan
How do you want to Die:tuberculosis, over-dosing, or carbon monoxide
Been to the Mall Lately:not really @_@
Do you like Thunderstorms:shyeah!
Get along with your Parents:...kinda?
Health Freak:sometimes, but I try not to
Do you think your Attractive:a little
Believe in Yourself:*ahem* seldom...
Want to go to College:hells yes
Do you Smoke:nope
Do you Drink:nope
Shower Daily:hells yes!
Been in Love:yep...
Do you Sing:only when i'm alone
Want to get Married:shyeah
Do you want Children:...maybe 2...
Have your future kids names planned out:yep! ^.^
Hate anyone:HELLS YES!!! X(


Result Posted on 03/11/07:
Yep, I'm smart...

Testriffic IQ test

Result Posted on 03/10/07:
He's so adorable...

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What Tsubasa Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 03/10/07:

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What Legendary Magic Knight Are You?
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Result Posted on 03/05/07:
How dreamy...

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Who Is Your Fushigi Yugi Mystery Date?
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Result Posted on 03/04/07:

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What Paper Agent Are You?
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