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Thursday, July 2, 2009

No, summer! Not yet!
Well, my summer is almost over with...
But I'm glad I've made the best of it!
I've got three weeks of band camp starting on the 13th... Did I mention that I live in Mississippi? The heat is so going to rape us!

I haven't been on in so long... I'm ashamed!

Anywho, while I've been away, I've been hanging out with friends and I've (so far) attended one band camp. It's all the way in Alabama, and it was pretty fun.

I hate Alabama... There's nothing there! The major city to small town ratio is 1:20... T_T

Well, that's just what I think.

I plan on getting on more and commenting a lot.

In the meantime, you should go to my youtube channel:


I've been really active on it since... Monday? I think...

I hope everyone's doing just fine.


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