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Thursday, May 21, 2009

   I might die dry, but at least I'll die knowing I wet you!
Earlier today, I went to my friend's house with some friends. I started the day off by finding a water gun... That's when the havoc began! Bwahaha!

It was me, Daniel, his sis Hannah, Jade, and Joselyn. Joselyn got fairly wet, but Daniel looked like he jumped in the shower for a sec!

Then, we raided Daniel and Hannah's parent's room, and we found some things... Like a book about the joys of sex and so vaseline right beside where the book was hidden!

If you knew what their parents look like, you'd cringe...

Tonight is graduation! No, I'm not graduating, but I'm in the band and the band has to play at it... It's annoying because you have to play the same boring song repeatedly and there are always bugs flying around annoying the hell out of everyone!

I can't wait because I'll have to say goodbye to a lot of my buddies that are graduating... *sniffle* They grow up so quick!!!

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