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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm chillaxing at home thanks to Gustav!

You see, I live in central Mississippi, and that part's being hammered by rain and stuff. And by stuff, I mean tornadoes... I'M SO SICK OF THEM! It's gotten old... Lol.

Right, sure, it's okay to hear the tornado siren go off about six or seven times in two days. =_= Goodness, that siren even woke me up around 3 last night! There wasn't really six or seven tornadoes, there was just the huge threat of one forming.

At least it's no Katrina. Yesterday morning, when I woke up around 10, there was no power. Luckily, it came back on around 11. When Katrina hit, we fortunately went one night without power, and that's just because I live in the city by the school.

Since there's tons of tornado warnings, NO SCHOOL! Woo! I get to have another day off!

And there's a lesson about the weather here in Mississippi. Any questions, students?


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