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Monday, August 25, 2008

Well, this Friday is game day! Yep! Our first football game is this flippin' Friday! It's our rival game, so we're all sorta pumped. I say sorta because we used to play them last on our schedule, but they went down a class size... So yeah. They suck. We rule.

Being in band is the BEST when you're at football games. Everyone has tons of fun, and so many things happen. Some of those things are good, and most are bad. Oh, the band bus has "heathens" written all over it! Or it should. Lol.

I'm uber tired from school. I've been passing my tests, though! Have I already said that? Who knows!

Maybe I'll be able to get a video of how crazy my friends are... Oh yeah! My friends are much more crazy with me in the equation!

...I hate math...

Well, that's it. Meh head hurts...


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