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Friday, August 22, 2008

It's my last Friday off... You see, high school football season starts next week for us in Mississippi. However, I LOOOOVE football, so it's all coolio!

I'm so bored. I'm just waiting for 20/20 to come on! Shyeah, I'm totally hooked on that program. Lol.

I cleaned my hamster's cage today. His name is Hamtaro, and he's orange and white, of course! I love that little guy!

By the way Bunraku, the songs in my playlist that have the word "sex" in the title aren't really a sign of anything. Lol. And the song Rolling Thunder is the best! Henry Fillmore all the way! I'm a march kind of gal. Marches get me going!

So, what are you people going to do this weekend? Party? Sleep too much? Mow grass? Burn in the hot sun?

I'm out.


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