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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Must Be The Aroma Of The SIM Card, Huh?

Today has been pretty interesting. In 2nd period, I had time to print off my current event, which was like, due 6th period, and I got my Geometry homework done before 5th period! My Biology 2 teacher is the coolest! He's the head coach, so all he does is talk about football, cuss, and he never gives us busy work! He's so effin' awesome!

Well, I'm gonna skip all the way to 6th period. Once again, we were on lockdown for a random drug check... So these cops go from classroom to classroom telling people if they have "something", they should just put it on their desk. Even cell phones. These guys even said the drug doggy could even smell cell phones. Last time we were on lockdown, which was like, last month (I think?), the cops said the thing about the dog being able to sniff cell phones out, and according to some eye witnesses, he freaked out and immediately put his phone on his desk. Really now? What's wrong with people nowadays?

Well, that's it for now, foo.

Laters. ♥

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