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Monday, October 15, 2007

   No school? You bet.
It felt sooo good to wake up around 11-ish instead of 6-ish... I even got to listen to the 90's Nooner! It's a thing on the local rock station where they play rock songs from the 90's from 12 to 1. And I love 90's songs.

So far, I like my new theme. Do you? Hopefully. I'm still adding teeny tiny things. But other than that, it's all gravy and a glass of kool-aid. (My friend says that all the time!)

Hm... Let's see if you guys can guess what might happen:

1. My dad's at work
2. I'm at home
3. My mom's at home
4. The keys to our new car is like 5 feet away from me
5. The new car is sitting out in the yard
6. I'm bored, and so is my mom
7. I can drive

Can you say a girl's day out? Because I sure as hell can! XD

Fall Break rules!

My high stressness has calmed down, so I'm able to do some visiting.

Eff yes.

Before I wrap things up and bid adieu, I have a question:

What was the first thing you saw and thought of when you woke up this morning, and what time was it?


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