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Monday, September 24, 2007

   Woo Frickin Hoo!
Shyeah, that's right! I'm updating! But what I need to do is visit sites... Stupid me.

Well, I had a wonderful week last week! I kept having a bunch of fun and good luck. But we kinda lost the game against Taylorsville Friday... Their mascot is a tartar, which is a mongolian warrior! I had no idea of it, either! No one knew it! I had to ask a band member from their school. Talk about a major blonde moment... and I'm not even blonde. -_-;

Well, today we're going to pick my new car! I'm so excited! Oh yeah, in Driver's Ed, when I get back from cruising around, me and my friend tell everyone that we went to a titty bar. Wacky, no? It's funny to hear my friend talk about it, since he's goofy.

Well, I must go! Keep it real, y'all! And leave a nice comment to let me know how you are doing!


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