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Monday, September 17, 2007

   Give me a break! And some candy... yummy...
I'm super tired... I shouldn't stay up so late...

If you're wondering about the song, I just felt so nostalgic, so I have to listen to it! We played Phantom of the Opera last year in band on the field! Gosh, I miss it!!!!!!

Sadly, last Friday, we lost our game against Quitman. Stupid big 4A school... The refs kept calling back touchdowns we made and stuff. They were the same refs we had last year, and they also called back our touchdowns last year. Such bullshit, indeed.

Today, some little wannabe lesbo bitch has pissed me off. She's the biggest hetero person on earth! She dates the so called "cute/popular" guys. And yet, she likes a girl. And my best friend loves that girl. But, that girl has cheated on my best friend for the wannabe emo. My best friend is torn apart because some little confused emo bitch is getting in the way. She has no right to be a lesbo, since she's only doing that because she was friends with a bi chick. Fucking conformists. She should be herself. My best friend has worked her ass to the fucking bone to make that girl her own, but little miss emo decides she wants to be a conformist.

That wannabe chick doesn't like my best friend. Why? Because the girl is in love with my best friend, but the girl also likes the wannabe.

The wannabe can't even be a lesbo, because:
A) Guys always want to date her
B) She's Southern Baptist
C) She's not attracted to chicks at ALL (except for the girl)
D) Her mom would go crazy on her

My best friend is a lesbian, and she's loved the girl before the wannabe chick ever knew her.

Now, my best friend is torn to pieces.

Oh, and that wannabe emo girl has dissed people I know and care about.

Hell to the no. That's where I draw the line.

What nerve.

I just needed to vent. Sorry about that! ^^;

For now, I must eat! Yummy!

Tell me, how have you guys been?


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