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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

   What sound does a platypus make?
I'll tell you the answer:


It didn't want to say "meow" or "quack". Go to your wonderful friends and spread the word of Mwack!

Anyways, about how I've been...

I've been a-okay. School is just school, band is just band, and hanging around is just hanging around.

I feel so super awful for not going around and leaving comments. I'm the rudest friend ever...

Truth is I haven't had the time...

But oh well. I'll find the time. Pwomise!

Oh yeah! I have some gossip for you guys! There's a town nearby mine, and in that town, at the public school there, the dearest female band director got arrested yesterday. For why, you ask? She was having relations *dun dun DUN* with a student! But wait! There's a twist! This weird student was also a female! She was black! So not only was it same-sex, it was interracial! And what makes is worse is that they got caught having these so-called relations during school! Wow! Now that is the shit!

We Southerners love hearing about fights, arguments, and people getting caught. It's quite entertaining!

Tell me, what have you guys done today? Hopefully drugs and sex in an ally! If you didn't, then go do it.

I joke, I kid.


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