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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

   Load up your guns, and bring your friends... :D
My title "smells like teen spirit"! get it? *clears throat* it's a lyric from that song *sigh* I'm so easily amused...

people need to appreciate good old music... golly gee whiz I EFFIN LOVE THE 90s!!!!

nothing new around here. except for talk about vacationing! woo! we're going to Florida wednesday! yay beach! *packs bags*

dude... it's already flippin July... everything's going by so quickly...
it's so boring now since SOMEBODY'S not on... (they know who they are)

I barely hear this song anymore since the radio wants to be a douche. they're really cool, and they're signed on Serj's (the lead singer of system of a down) label.

I LOVE this song. ^^


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