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Sunday, June 17, 2007

   Golly gee whiz!
I haven't been on in such a long time!! x_x

well, I went to the Jubilee Jam yesterday and saw Secondhand Serenade, Hawthorne Heights, Corey Smith, the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Ludacris! and let me tell you:

my neck, legs, feet, throat, and arms are hurting like a mofo!

It was all so awesome because I had a spot right on the front gate! And I kept hitting on this super cute and cool bodyguard who gave me his water, and I'm so not throwing that away!

And the lead singer of the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus winked and pointed at me! However do I know this? well, everybody around me was looking down and their cameras and talking to their friends, and I had my hand in the air and I woo-ed for the guy when he was in front of me and he winked and pointed at me!!! Effin awesome!!!!
I head-banged so much that every time after Hawthorne Heights and the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus played, my arms were sore, my feet were killing me, I couldn't hear out of my left ear, and my stomach was feeling cramp-ish!!!
When Ludacris came out, things got crunk! It was like being in a club! And everybody sang to his songs since he wanted to sing old songs.

It was totally awesome. I just couldn't get a guitar pick (dammit).

The only people I knew who were there were two chicks from my school and my old friend Rudolph (yes joselyn huff was there with chloe! and he couldn't go anywhere! lol)

Forgive me, but I must make my leave. Me parents and I are going to scurry over to the reservoir that was named after white supremesist Ross Barnett (ain't that wacky?)

I don't know if I'm able to comment soon, but I will! Pwomise!

Oh yeah! this woman wants me to play my trombone is a quartet! awesome! I'm so going to do it!

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