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Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm starting to become quite the night owl! I slept at like, 4 last night... I think... Well anyways, yeah even on my summer break I'm sleeping late and waking up early! Unless if 10 or 11 is considered to be early... Oh well.

I'm hungry right now... but my dad left to get some yummy pizza, so yay! I haven't eaten pizza in a while! Golly!

So far, people like my new theme. I mean, who can't love a story that's violence-dominated, incest-laden, and full of homo-erotic ridden love? 8D

Here a pic for today. This one falls under homo-erotic:
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Steamy, ain't it?

Well, I must make my leave... I'm starving... but I must wait for my yummmy pizza... and looking at 2 hot anime dudes is so totally not helping... ^^


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