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Saturday, May 19, 2007

   Ho hum...
Well, it's like, almost 2 in the morning, and I'm watching the Human Giant marathon on MTV... Gosh, I love those guys!

I'm super relieved that school is about to end... I have like, one more day... One more day!! Woo! After that, I'm gonna sit around in my room on my bed, while everybody else is taking their foolish testes... (yes, that spelling was intended)

I got a chat box, and yeah, it's pretty cool. If you drop by, just get a user name real quick like, and leave a little hello! ^_^ That thing is pretty neat!
What caught my attention is that some of the little avatars are from Breath of Fire 2! And if you look, my avatar is of Bleu, and she's so beautiful... But yeah BOF2 is a game that is super awesome, and I would know, because I beat it with flying colors! Well, after seeing those avatars, I'm going to start planning a new BOF2 theme! But it will take a while to get together, so yeah.

I'll try to visit if I really can! I know I've been so lazy for the past weeks... -_-,

So, how are things for you guys?


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