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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Yay! Partay time! Woop-woop!

I'm gonna spend some time with my buddies tonight! Movies, and possibly, skating and other festivities! *hi-five*

I've been so bored lately... It's about time I do something fun! ^^

I helped my friend Joselyn update her site, and it's all Sailor Moon-ish. And it's really super adorable! It makes me wanna put up a Sailor Moon theme! So if you have free time, just drop by her site and comment on the new look. Trust me, it's great!

I realized that I might actually like the color purple... my myspace page is purple, and next thing you know, I make this site purple! But it was the best image I had. And you can even read the text pretty good! (thanks for noticing that, shred)

Say, what color would you guys like to see on a myO page?

Well, I'm off to save some kid out of a well. Toodles! *arf*


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