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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yay! New look! Hi-five!

I love it... but I'm still gots more stuff to add... ugh... lazy...ness...keeping...me...lazy...

School was school; meaning, it was total fucking shit. Preparing for those damned state tests are sucking the energy right outta me... maybe I need to call Sailor Moon...

Band is killing me, too... so much preparation for the REAL contest is going on. And we're totally working super hard. Hopefully, we'll get a kickass rating.

Pray to your anime gods for me, okay? I'll need the luck. -_-

Well, I must end this post, for I have nothing interesting to say now. Yeah, I kinda think I might be suffering from writers block! eh...

Later, pimples. *smoocharooni*

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