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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

   Zippidy... what a rip-off...
Wow, I haven't put up a post in quite a while! I really didn't have anything interesting to say... but now I do!

Well, Sunday, after ignoring his phone calls the whole spring break, I actually answered when my ex called... yeah, I know, I'm so stupid!
Anyway, he started off by just asking me how I've been, and how was my break. But, the whole enter time, I didn't really sound like I was very interested in talking with him (I had just finished watching Magic Knight Rayearth 2, and I was really tired and upset because of what happens to Eagle... IT FUCKING SUCKED!!!!! WHY EAGLE!!!!!!!!! x[ IT'S NOT FAIR!).
Then, my ex cut straight to the point; he talked about how he missed me, how he came across old love notes I had wrote him for his b-day, how he only thinks about me...

Yeah. Right. You expect me to fall for that? Hell to the no. You don't hurt my feelings and get away with it...

And so, he asked if I'd ever give him another chance. I told him "I don't know; I'd have to think about it" but I said it in a way that sounded like I didn't care... which I really don't care about him anymore.
Next day, it was off to school again! And boy oh boy did I have a lot of crap to do... no fair... T_T

But then, my ex wrote me a letter! What did it say? Bullshit. He poured his heart out into the paper, begging me not to end it this way.

WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU DID TO ME LAST SUMMER! Seriously! I begged the hell out of him to not end our relationship like that! Over a damn fat whore... who talked shit behind his back...

Well, anyway, I confronted him at break today, pretty much saying "how do you think I felt?" then I told him that things are gonna have to change if we're ever going to go back to normal, which nothing will change, and I won't go back to him.

Golly gee, too much drama! X(

But I'm okay. ^-^ I'm tougher than I was before! *shows off muscles on arm*


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