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Saturday, March 10, 2007

   Fuck the System
I'm tired of stupid little bitches... They're all stupid... and bitches... and little...

Okay, I think I'm in my rebelling mood. I guess I feel like starting a revolution, cuz I was watching Revolutionary Girl Utena... but I don't want a rose bride, I rather have a rose prince. And one that doesn't look like Michael Jackson.

Anyway, it's so boring around here. I just got out of school, and I'm doing nothing... great. I don't know when, but my parents, me, and maybe my brother, are going to Florida for Spring Break. We're going by Tampa to see an uncle of my mother's, and then we're going down to Miami so I can see my birthplace... Hells yes! I'm going to frickin Miami!!!!! Fuck Mississippi!

I'm feeling a tad emo... like writing stupid poetry about the darkness that really doesn't exist in my life emo. But I'm not going to write anything, that's just stupid. Only stupid little bitches do that, and I'm tired of those losers...

Well, here's a Naruto AMV with Alice in Chains - Them Bones. It's really cool, so enjoy!

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