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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

   The wall is crawling, and the microwave smells of lemons.
Nothing interesting is going on around here... Except for my fat chick, camel-toe loving ex is trying to date me again. He talks to me (and I talk back), but I don't make the conversation interesting or act playful... hell to the no. He fucking hurt my feelings so much, that I just don't care anymore. He deserves to go through hell after he made me look like a damn fool; he's always trying to find some kind of way to make himself get noticed by me or something...

Yeah, like I really care if you're fucking a fat chick that looks like a man. I'm through with him... After all the shit he put me through; he cheated on me with a camel-toe bitch that nobody likes cuz she's always trying to get dick. What the hell? And I even took him back after I was humiliated!

When he first started dating that fat chick that looks like a man, it ripped me apart. But he said that he found somebody who actually likes him. Oh yeah? Well , I've got somebody who's a quatilion times better than your fat ass!!!!

Yeah. But it's whatever. I'm over him. Nice comeback for me, huh?

Well, I bid you guys adeiu!

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