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Sunday, March 4, 2007

It's 10:29, and I need some sleep. I've got Algebra homework (well, I think it's homework). Gosh, I wish it was already Spring Break... now I gotta go through those cursed Nine Weeks Tests! Damn it all to the broken toilet!!! (boy, that's really evil...)

F*** Algebra, English, Entreprenuership, World Geography, Health, Biology, and Band!!! (I could've just said f*** school, but where's the fun in that?) Oh yeah, f*** after school band practice on Tuesdays!!!! I'm rebelling!

I guess that's a Cuban thing!^0^

Must get rest... been on computer all day...

Oh yeah, I was finally able to check out peoples' sites, so that's a good sign! Yay! I'm not being lazy anymore! Or am I? *eerie music*

I miss my Charlie... *cries* It's hard not seeing somebody a lot... But as the Mexicans say, "Si se puede!" (you can do it!)

I bid you fair peoples Adeiu.

-Helen aka Arroz con Pollo

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