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Saturday, March 3, 2007

   Nothing going on today...
So far, nothing has happened. Well, other than my computer getting totally upgraded and my sister putting in some more memory, everything's been the same. I've been home all day... Ho hum...

I checked out the new podcast today, and I've gotta hand it to them, they really do know how to put up a good show! ^-^

GONZO has a little anime version of Romeo and Juliet. Wow, who knew that Romeo and Juliet would be made into an anime?

Oh yeah! We got a new parakeet today! I guess that's really the shit, huh? Another chirpy mouth to feed... well, it's not like I hate the birdies or anything, I just feel like being evil and bitchy today! ^0^

PS: Joselyn is a new member of myO, and she is a dear friend who's like my crunk sister, so please befriend her! She's really fun, and she won't be and ass to anybody, so show her some support

Later! ^0^

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